Imelda May returns after her unbelievable transformation –

She said of this song: “I wanted to ask the question ‘Who takes care of us?’ We are 50% of the world and it’s the people in power’s responsibility to take care of women as well.”

Should’ve Been You from the new album ‘Life. Love. Flesh. Blood’, available to preorder now at

The Amazing Women in the video……….
Victoria Elizabeth, Jasette Amos, Ellie Dickens, Tara Newton, Laila Banki, Alexandra Mardell, Marion Burge, Emiko Jane Ishii, Gemma Germaine, Gemma Fernandez, Aren Devlin, Amba Gayfer, Cathering Campion, Caro Breton, Sophie Rose Miller, Eden Alexander, Samantha Chrissie, Fiona Cox, Arly Ifenedo, Kristen Alminta, Emily Charles, Lisa Mejucto

Tracey Rufenia Ahearne, Pamela Cullinane, Jasmin Finn, Charlene Dulay, Carole Kemp, Cheryl Morley, Emily Cait Baits, Trish Buckley, Carmen BB, Hannah Edgely, Karen Maxey, Francine Nelson, Ghazala Shafi, Mandy Farries, Rosemarie Beckford, Shilaah-Raine Beckford-Green

Directed by Laura Scrivano
Produced by Rob Jelley
Production Company: Kode Media
Director of Photography: Mary Farbrother