Irish Brothers Master the art of Accessible Pop

Buskers will tell you the secret to success is playing something cheery that stops people in their tracks. Alfie and Harry Hudson Taylor cut their teeth singing for strangers, and it shows. At first listen, this is an album to bring new meaning to ‘happy slapping’. It’s unapologetically energetic, the musical equivalent of a high-school cheerleader. Even when it’s not necessarily upbeat in theme, it’s still up-tempo and uplifting.

Delve a little below the surface, though, and there’s genuine substance. From opener ‘Just A Thought’, through ‘Butterflies’ and lead single ‘Chasing Rubies’, it’s clear that the brothers are staking a claim as both radio mainstays and festival favourites. Writing great accessible pop is an art in itself, and one they’ve mastered with aplomb. ‘For The Last Time’ sees things slow down, and consequently wobble a little; an indicator of what a good job is done elsewhere on the record.