Fehdah performing ‘Sally Gardens’ live at The Ruby Sessions in 2016.

Fehdah is a future afro soul band led by Emma Garnett, who composes and arranges the music drawing on her west-African roots & love of soul and hip-hop. Fehdah is an eight piece led by Emma. The music combines Emma’s African roots with her and her band’s irresistible hip hop and funk forays to create a sound that’s simultaneously forward looking and referential to the past.

Known previously for lending her smooth vocals to the likes of Manden Express, RiZA, and Loah, and her collaborations with Ben Bix, Emma is joined by a star-studded lineup featuring members of the aforementioned bands, Ensemble Ériu, Mixtapes From The Underground, Tig Linn and more.  (Taken from Fehdahs FB/musicbyfehdah)
Filmed by Ciaran O’Brien (http://theobblog.com/) and Shannon Purcell (https://shannonpurcellmedia.com/)