Music is at the heart of what it means to be Irish.

There is music in the way we talk, laugh, fight and cry and music in the way we tell our stories. Our song has travelled with us to the four corners of the world where it has infused the songs of others before returning home to renew the next generation of Irish musicians.

Soul, R n B, Hip Hop, and Urban Beats are now part of our musical vernacular along with the more traditional folk and country music storytelling and – when you add in the rhythms imported with the recent wave of immigrants – the music coming out of Ireland has never seemed so vibrant and alive.

This is the music that we want to showcase in the Green Room.

It’s the music that’s happening here and happening now. No matter where you are in the world a visit to The Green Room will always be able to give you a true taste of what it is to be Irish in 2017.

Declan Jones